The Main Six Leadership Styles of Great Leaders

Leaders employ different leadership styles in accordance with each situation or team they lead, including: Autocratic leaders make decisions without consulting anyone who reports to them and have an authoritative hierarchy. This style can be particularly effective during times of emergency when fast decisions must be made quickly. Pacesetting leaders set goals and encourage their […]

3 Steps to Be a Better Leader Immediately

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Whether you’re a leader in a small organization, large corporation, or government organization, there are three fundamental steps you can take to improve your leadership skills. The first is to constantly be learning and challenging yourself. The next step is to study other leaders and learn their qualities, mannerisms, and communication styles. Then, incorporate these […]

What Makes a Good Leader in Business?

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What makes a good leader in business? Here are five qualities. Good leaders are patient and long-term thinkers who persist in the face of challenges. They are able to understand the perspectives and needs of others and have a sense of empathy. Good leaders have a good sense of humour. They are also able to […]