We know it can be hard sometimes to fit in whether it is in the workplace or in your social group. And thus it can be very easy to fall under the group’s influence. Indeed, it’s impossible to work together at a place if you socially cut off other workers. And if you are a responsible worker who doesn’t want to fail the drug test at work, the whole bonding thing can become challenging if your colleagues like to over-indulge in alcohol and drugs.

It can become challenging to juggle between fitting in and staying responsible, as you will have to learn how to say no without sounding disrespectful. Hence this post will guide you on how to stay sober when your colleagues aren’t!

say no to drugs

Learn To Say No

Do not fear judgement! As an incentive, you can simply imagine how embarrassing it could be when you get a termination letter as a result of a positive report of the drug test at work. So which one is worse, the judgment or getting fired for drug use?

Rather than regretting why you accepted the offer of drinking alcohol or using unlawful drugs at the office, you must learn to say no to drug abusers and heavy drinkers.

Although it’s against the ethics and manners of office to refuse the offer of any senior officer, when it’s a matter of your health and reputation, there is no other choice than to choose yourself.

say no to alcohol

Choose Your Surroundings Carefully

Always keep in mind that a man is very often judged by the friends he surrounds himself with. So choose your colleagues carefully as there is a huge possibility that you will become like your surroundings.

Take interest in your colleagues to know with whom you should associate yourself and which ones it would be better to ignore.


When you attend work events and parties it is important to find your place in a good company. Therefore, it’s better to sit in a place where sophisticated people discuss the economic matters and improvements in the management, discuss promotions and ways to improve your professional prospects.

And when and if you still somehow get drugged into o more open-minded people who like to have fun without thinking about the consequences, make sure you have enough courage to break away from the pack. This will take some courage, but it’s well worth it.

If you don’t want to get sucked into the temptation, it’s advisable to stay home during such events. If you must go to a holiday party, be sure you’re sober and have a plan to leave the party sober. You’ll encounter people who are pushing you to drink, and sometimes this might be even your boss. Practising saying “no” in a polite way will be of great help in such situations.


There are good as well as bad people working under the same roof sometimes and it is important to know where you stand and not get influenced by others. And whether you have to take a drug test at work or not, this is not the most important thing. the important thing is your health and your ability to perform your everyday tasks in the best way possible.