Personal Integrity

Integrity is an essential trait for all employees to have, but it’s especially important for entry-level workers and those who work directly with clients. People with integrity show up for meetings and projects on time, take their responsibilities seriously and respect the opinions of others. They also help others, whether it’s covering for a coworker or returning a lost item.

Integrity includes following company policies and keeping private information confidential. It’s also about being honest with supervisors and colleagues, even when the consequences might be unpleasant. Finally, integrity is about taking responsibility for mistakes.

Team Player

The ability to work well with a team is an important trait for business employees. Candidates who possess strong teamwork skills are likely to be high performers in the workplace, and interviewers should look for evidence of these abilities during the hiring process.

One of the most common indicators of a strong team player is their willingness to share knowledge and experience with others. When evaluating candidates, consider their responses to questions about how they’ve worked with a team in the past and whether or not they offer to help fellow workers.


In a business, the people you hire have an enormous impact on your organization. They are ambassadors for company culture, driving forces of innovation, and the human face of your business. This is why it’s important to prioritize soft skills in your hiring process—such as confidence, communication skills, team spirit, emotional intelligence, cultural fit, potential and loyalty.

Identifying ambitious candidates in the hiring process is crucial for creative roles, competitive and target-driven industries, and leadership and management positions. It’s also an important characteristic in fast-paced and growing businesses to ensure employees can keep pace with rapid growth.


Problem-solving is an essential everyday skill that every employee needs to possess. Whether it is for their work or in their personal lives, the ability to find solutions is key to living an optimal life.

Problem solving requires open-mindedness to consider new ideas and approaches in order to identify a practical solution to any situation. It also includes being aware of the impact that a problem may have on others and finding ways to mitigate those impacts.