To be a leader as a landlord or property manager you often need to use skills that are well rounded. To be an elite landlord you need more than advertising for tenant and collecting rent. There are skills that help landlords set themselves apart but it requires a motivated attitude and a willingness to roll up the sleeves and do more. In the UK there are different types of property managers but his post will focus on benefiting letting agents Glasgow.

Strong Communication

One of the most important skills in this role is crucial due to the amount of people and social issues a landlord may have to deal with. A property manager should be able to communicate effectively with different types of people on all levels. The role focuses on being coordinated and delivering messages to clients or closing deals. Failing to communicate can leave everyone on a different page and unsatisfied customers will eventually leave. For letting agents Glasgow strong communication can help relate to clients and make issues easier to handle and understand.

In addition, effective communication for organisations helps to enhance labour-management relations, and it serves a variety of social and entertainment functions. Without effective communication, an organisation is impossible: employees cannot know what their associates are doing; management cannot receive inputs or instructions; and there is no way to coordinate work. In short, communication is a fundamental element of any organisation.


This role often involves multitasking as a successful landlord will manage multiple property therefore requiring to judge multiple needs. This requires organisation. To streamline the workload and have goals filled in with checklists can take much of the stress of the work away. Focusing on what is important helps someone who manages property stay organised as well as aspects such as decluttering workspace, managing mail and phone calls or contacts, making lists, making calendars, or simply managing time well can all lead to a more organised work schedule.

Setting goals for your organisation can also be useful. The aim of an organisation is to achieve a specific set of outcomes. This is achieved through the formulation of organisational goals. Organisations must develop a strategic plan to reach these goals. Among other things, goals should be realistic and aligned with the organisation’s values. Organisations can create goals based on their mission, vision and values. The objectives of an organisation can include many different things, from achieving a 15% increase in profits to providing an excellent service to its customers.

Awareness of Trends

An important skill comparative with commercial awareness in the modern day. Because of how technology advances and new methods of making work easier arrive every day it is a skill needed to stay ahead of the competition. Using new apps or software can help make landlords life easier as well as the customer. Communication also ties in with using the latest technology as apps like Slack, Whatsapp, or Messenger can be used as well as lesser known social apps to deal with inquiries. Not being aware of how to use these apps can leave customers wanting.

Customer Service Skills

Customer service orientation is needed for every property manager and even on other parts of the work environment. Its a skill that helps all letting agents in Glasgow because of the need to be present and handle multiple inquiries. A great letting agent is available for clients and questions are answered quickly. If people are prioritised over responsibilities all parties can benefit.

Knowledge of Tenant Laws and Regulations

This is important because a landlord has to answer inquiries and know how best to serve their clients. Clients may have questions over legalities or issues of the law which can be made simple if the landlord is learned and aware of legalistic implications. This can translate into other parts of work where knowing the rules and regulations can help you get the best advantage over other staff members.