How a Scissor Lift Pallet Truck Changed My Life: Injury at Work

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How a Scissor Lift Pallet Truck Changed My Working Day

Recently, I, unfortunately, went through the experience of becoming severely injured at work due to a heavy lifting incident. The correct processes and equipment were not in place to protect my back, neck and joints, and as a result, I ended up getting hurt. However, upon returning to work, I have found that my employer has invested in a scissor lift pallet truck to ensure I can get on with my job without the fear of another accident involving heavy lifting. Our job is primarily involved with storage and involves a lot of manual labour. Here are some of the ways the scissor lift pallet truck changed my working day and changed my life along with it.

Investment in a scissor lift pallet truck made me jump for joy. An example of a blue scissor lift pallet truck.

It made me more productive. The scissor lift pallet truck that my workplace invested in has ended up being a blessing for both me and my boss. Due to the item making it easier for me to do my job, I have become faster and more efficient. I’m getting a lot more done than even before my injury!

It improved staff morale and teamworking. Due to the job being essentially far easier, the team I work with are beginning to enjoy their job more. We are smashing our previous targets and getting a lot done for the company, without feeling as stressed and physically tired as we did in the

It took the strain away from my sore joints. Obviously, having been injured there are still areas of my body which will twinge and hurt when I carry out certain activities. Having the scissor lift pallet truck in work has meant that I can get on with my job without these aches and pains.

Hopefully, this account of my story will help you to convince your employers to invest in the right equipment to prevent injuries and improve processes.

How to Recover from an Injury at Work

Recovering from an injury you made at work can be hard. Even when you don’t have the benefit of specialist equipment like a scissor lift pallet truck, you should still be able to return to your job feeling more healthy and confident in your abilities. Here are some ways you can help yourself when returning to work.

Know Your Rights: Make sure you have researched your case and know exactly what you are entitled to. This can be in terms of time off or for rehabilitation. Ensure you get everything you deserve by talking to citizens advice bureaus or other aids.

Scissor lift pallet truck helped with my recovery from injury.

Stay Active in Communications: Making sure you communicate with your employer and any other stakeholders will ensure an amicable return to work and all parties will be in agreement. Appearing to disappear from talks will only make you seem like you are taking the time off for granted rather than for recovery.

Consider Change of Roles: If your injury was severe, consider asking your employer if you can change roles until you are fully recovered. If there is space for a desk job when you used to carry out manual labour then this may be an option.

Don’t Push Yourself: Make sure that you are recovering at your own pace. Do not feel like you have to jump straight back into manual labour or similar if you do not feel that you are ready. Take your time and talk to your medical practitioners before doing anything to strenuous.

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