How to Recruit the Best Talent for Your Business


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Hiring new members of staff can be a delicate subject. Get it right and you have a fresh face that will enhance your workplace and be an asset to your company. Get it wrong and you face a time-consuming potentially damaging scenario which could harm your business. You want to get recruitment right every time without having the hassle of bringing in someone who doesn’t suit what you need.

There are many questions related to recruitment. One of the most commonly asked questions is: Where is the best place to post a job ad? Finding the right place to post a job advert can be challenging. We have a look at the pros and cons of a range of places that are known for recruiting. Attracting the right candidates that match what you need in an employee is of vital importance and could shape the future and wellbeing of your business. When it comes to getting new staff members in the door, finding the best ways to go about it is a worthwhile endeavour. Have a look at our tips to make sure your business gets recruitment right every time.

Well Known Job Sites

Knowing the best places to advertise a job is crucial in the recruitment process. There are millions of ways to advertise jobs out there and it ultimately boils down to the audience you want to attract. Well-known job sites out there hold millions of ads out there and have the potential to reach a nationwide audience. The upside to them is that your ad will pass the eyes of many and applicants will apply in numbers. The downside to this is that you may receive a high amount of candidates that do not have the skills required or are under qualified. Another con of placing an add on a popular job site is that it can be very time consuming for you or recruitment staff to sieve through the hundreds of CV’s that you will inevitably end up with.

Business Candidate


Posting a job opening on LinkedIn is a popular way of advertising a position. It reaches a global audience and is a popular network amongst professionals. Employers can easily identify applicants that are specialised in the field of their business. They can also check references and connections which can be a useful exercise in checking the validity of a candidate. The downside to LinkedIn is that not everyone has a profile and advertising an ad exclusively on there may miss out on talent.

Social Media

Advertising a job on social media can have its ups and downs as well. Almost everyone nowadays is on social media in one way or another. Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, almost everyone has access to a social media platform. The upside to this is that millions of people will be able to see the ad but again this may attract the wrong sort of attention. Another downside to this is that people’s social media profiles may give the wrong impression to who they are. Their profiles may be misleading and give recruiters the wrong idea.

Advertising to the masses has its pros and cons but advertising to the right audience is the key to recruiting the right staff to your business. No matter where you choose to place your opening, there will be benefits and drawbacks to the recruitment process. One thing is for sure though. Get recruitment right and get your business on the right track.







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