Improving Performance In Work


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Work unfortunately is something many of us see as a chore or another necessary evil of life that keeps the cog turning in our lives. However there are a number of things that you can do not only to enhance your performance but possibly also improve your enjoyment/motivation at work as well.


Motivation is probably one of the most important factors when it comes to effective performance within the workplace. Without motivation projects can fall at the wayside and people can become disillusioned in their roles or positions within an organisation. A key part of motivation is having a good team and healthy positive environment where workers help and support each other to keep themselves motivated whilst they are at work . One of the key motivation rituals which has been going on for many years is that of Coffee.

Surprisingly Coffee plays quite an important role in keeping us going at work and is a staple of most offices across the UK. Studies have shown that the caffeine within coffee improves alertness and reduces fatigue and can even help to improve mood in some cases. However unfortunately even the finest crate of roast coffee beans will not help an office become successful overnight. Another key ingredient which is needed is Leaders. As previously mentioned in our blogs we cannot understate the importance of leaders in society as well as within the workplace. Having strong leadership is important to ensure that work is getting undertaken as well as making sure that an organisation or office are working well as a team.

There are a number of different ways in which employees can be motivated to pursue certain goals within their role. One such method is team incentives. Team incentives could come in a number of different forms. One of the most common forms of team incentives could be a team bonus for their wage. This would mean they would get a bonus amount for completing a project in good time or achieving above average performance in a given task. As well as providing motivation towards goals incentives and team incentives can also help to improve relations between management as well as staff. This in turn can lead to better overall productivity as well as working relationships.

Staff Welfare

One of the most important factors that influence better performance at work is staff welfare. Staff welfare is also affected by motivation and the two factors go hand in hand. One of the best ways in which to improve staff welfare is by setting up a staff feedback system. Having a staff feedback system means that staff ideas as well as thoughts and feelings can be fed back to hr or management to ensure that workers are happy at work and feel valued. Their contributions can also be used to help improve business practice and could lead to improved performance/sales overall. This is particularly important for experienced staff as they may have ideas and feedback that is fundamental to improving the business as a whole.

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