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Dr Darren McKeown, recently seen on the BBC 1 documentary, Facelifts and Fillers, that was first aired in February 2016, owns one of the best skin clinics in Glasgow. At his West George Street clinic, patients can be treated with both chemical and skin peels in Glasgow. Dr Darren runs one of the most renowned cosmetic surgeries in the country, which makes his clinic one of the most popular for skin treatments in Glasgow,

On the television show, you can see patients entering the clinic for both cosmetic and skin treatments in Glasgow. The documentary gives viewers a chance to meet the man who has earned a reputation as Scotland’s top makeover doctor. Dr Darren said: “I agreed to the programme to show what really goes on in aesthetic medicine and how very subtle changes to the face can transform a person’s confidence”. On his website, you can find out more about the different procedures that Dr Darren provides on his website.

Skin Treatments in Glasgow

Dr Darren McKeown has a specialist to perform his skin treatments in Glasgow. Joanne’s main interest is to help Dr Darren McKeown’s patients achieve the best skin possible. Many patients leave the clinic after a skin treatment in Glasgow with a healthy, natural glow. Joanne motto for aesthetics is ‘Fresh, Not Frozen’ and she has been doing this type of work for a number of years and offers prescription level skincare consultations. Patients who choice Joanne as their practitioner will receive subtle botox, PRP treatments and laser rejuvenation.
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IPL Acne Treatment

IPL in Glasgow is becoming extremely popular and more and more skin clinics in Glasgow are adding it to their treatment list. Those that have suffered from acne will know and understand that it can completely change the way you feel about your appearance as it is one of the most distressing dermatological conditions.

Anyone can suffer from acne, it does not only affect those who are in their teenage years. It is common for women to suffer from adult acne throughout their lives and that is why Dr Darren has introduced a range of IPL Glasgow services.

IPL is not only for acne, many patients choose to have an  IPL treatment to reduce signs inflammation and ageing as the IPL light stimulates the production of new collagen. This type of treatment may be suggested if a patient wants to improve the texture of the skin. The IPL treatment reduces the appearance of red or brown areas of skin that are often associated with acne breakouts.

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How Does IPL Work?

If you decide to go ahead with an IPL treatment in Glasgow, your doctor will go through all of the finer details with you before you make your decision. This treatment is truly revolutionary, one of the reasons why Dr Darren McKeown has one of the best skin clinics in Glasgow. Dr Darren says that “the light emitted by the IPL machine works by targeting the overactive sebaceous glands.This reduces the total number and severity of active acne lesions as well as lessens the inflammation and frequency of breakouts”?


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