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Be A Prime Example

Whether you’re new to being a parent or whether you just struggle with it, getting children to brush their teeth can be difficult. Just like when you try to enforce a bedtime routine, there’s always something more interesting. Before seeking advice from a dental practice Manchester, try some of these handy tips- but make sure you visit the dental practice Manchester regularly to keep an eye on both you and your kid’s dental health. Follow these tips and they should be little teeth brushing pros in no time!

The best way to encourage teeth brushing from a young age is to have them see you do it yourself. Whether you get the whole family in together or just you and the kid, make sure they know that it’s not a punishment and is just something that everyone does. Make sure everyone acts like they enjoy it too!

Let Them Practice On You

Although it might not be the most pleasant experience, when they are small letting them brush your teeth will make them more likely to let you brush theirs. Making it a game to see who can brush each other’s teeth the best, with small rewards like 10 minutes extra playtime, will help encourage the youngsters.

kid brushing teeth

Let The Kids Choose The Toothpaste

The toothpaste used can often be a big factor on your children’s enjoyment of the teeth brushing process. Often the flavour of regular toothpaste can be too strong for kids, but there are so many flavours for children in shops right now that your kids will have loads to choose from and this will help make the routine more comfortable for them.

Bubble Competitions

It might be messy, but one way to get kids to brush their teeth is by encouraging the mess. See who can make the most froth and have them brushing their teeth like crazy to try and beat you. For this one you’ll just have to accept that toothpaste might go everywhere.

Dental Practice Manchester

If you are worried about your child’s dental hygiene, or even your own, it’s best to visit a dental practice Manchester. For adults, it’s worth looking at cosmetic fixes if you have had any damage to your teeth over the years whereas for children it is all about maintenance and good hygiene.