A Manager Or A Leader?


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Management is one of the toughest jobs you can take on. Being able to make sure your employees are on track getting the work done (managing) and also providing them with the support they need to complete the tasks (leadership). Here are some differences between manager and leader.

Create Visions Or Goals

While managers set goals for employees to aim for. However leaders set visions and paint a picture that inspires employees and keeps then more engaged with the company and job role. 

Take Risks Or Control Risks?

Leaders naturally take risks and try new things – failure is seen as a learning achievement. However managers like to control all aspects to minimise risks.

Long Term Vision Or Short Term Vision?

Leaders understand that engaging your team in an ongoing process. They understand its not all about constant rewards but support in getting the job done.

Leader Grow Skills, Managers Rely On Existing Skills

Leaders know that everyday is a school day, they are always curious and always interested to learn. As well as this they enjoying supporting their employees in growing and learning new skills. However managers rely on skills they already have and will work with employees current skills rather than grow upon them.

Relationships Or Processes?

Leaders focus on people and building upon relationships and this is what makes people enjoy their job and stay longer. Building trust and loyalty is key in the engagement and productivity. However managers focus more on structure i.e. rotas, processes, daily tasks.

While Leaders Are Unique Managers Simply Copy

Leaders have a strong self awareness – they know their strengths and weaknesses and are able to manage this. However managers copy the incompetencies of those around them or above them.

Leader Coach While Managers Direct

To coach someone is to learn from failures and work on things that need improving. Being more optimistic in their potential rather than just assigning tasks to be done without support.

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