5 Signs of a Bad Leader


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Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. Some prefer the disciplinarian approach, some opt for a more focused man management style. Whatever the position, being a leader matters significantly and there are a few ways that could be red flags in terms of what makes a poor leader. What makes a good leader is subjective, however we have thought of a few ways that most would find unappealing in a management figure. There is plenty of content out there telling you what makes a good leader, but have a look at a few ways that we think would make a bad leader.

Lack of Empathy

One of the most common mistakes in those in a leadership role is failing to understand the position of those below them in the chain of the command. Whether it’s a manager failing to understand the learning pace of a staff member or an executive not understanding the workload of a manager. Putting yourself in the shoes of those who you are giving direction is a substantial part of what makes a leader. What makes a bad one is the opposite.

Fear of Change

Failing to understand the progress that comes with change is an alarm bell when it comes to leaders. Some leaders can become stuck in their ways and fail to embrace all that comes with change. Whether it’s not making the most of the technology or expanding a business, not being 100% committed can be detrimental when it comes to being a successful leader.


Too Willing to Compromise

Finding a balance between knowing what’s right and compromising is an important aspect of leadership. A hard and fast rule is that if it benefits the team, it is a worthwhile endeavour. Be wary, though, being too stubborn can do the opposite and have team morale at an all-time low and can cause a breakdown in communication.

Too Bossy

A common misconception when it comes to leadership is that a bossy leader makes a good one. Having discussed empathy and its importance, we are able to see that a leader that continually bosses their team can appear in a negative light. Delegation and direction is a crucial aspect of leadership, finding the right balance is where great leaders are born. Poor leaders fail to understand this and being bossy comes under this as a sign of a bad leader.

Poor Judge of Character

Whether it’s employing staff or seeking a member for your team, judging character is an important aspect of leadership. Building a productive, successful team requires a leader with a suitable judge of character. Leaders with a poor judge of character will make their task an uphill battle as they attempt to lead those who cannot be led.

Leading a Team

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